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Density: 20 DEN
20 DEN
Color: MULTICOLOR (разноцветный)
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Unique tights with a blue snake tattoo. Quality tights 20 den and one size fit any size. The tights are knitted according to 3D technology and therefore they are highly elastic and durable. They can be worn many times. Resistant to abrasion and washing.

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If you want to add a little boldness and determination to the image, then this model is for you.

What does a snake tattoo mean?

In Japanese culture, a snake in women is a symbol of her resourcefulness and resourcefulness in any situation. And if in Japan a woman or a girl is called a snake, then she will not be offended at all.

Thanks to the bright blue snake on the tights, you and your image will definitely not be left without attention.

High-quality tights 20 den and one size (XS-L) fit any size Tattoo tights (tiks) of our brand.

Tights with a bright snake tattoo or a snake tattoo with pantyhose - the maximum similarity with real tattoos.
Choose creative tights with a snake tattoo pattern for any meeting.
Women love attention and in these tights you will be provided with it.
Thin 20 denier, almost transparent and elastic tights with high quality detailed tattoo designs.
Classic fit at the waist with a reinforced toe and molded foot.
Matte nude tights with a light tan effect.
Tights tied by3D technologies and therefore they differhigh elasticity and strength... They can be worn many times.
Prints on pantyhose are not washed off, do not stain, do not stain, resistant to washing with detergent powder.
The world's unique imaging technology makes drawings lifelike even when viewed closely.
Safe water-based inks were used for printing.

To properly wear tights with a tattoo:
1.open the image on the site
2.Remove all sharp and tenacious things (rings, bracelets, chains)
3.Spread your feet with a foam or a foot file to avoid snagging
4.Collect the pantyhose in your hand and place your foot on the trail of the pantyhose.
5. Gently pull the tights over your leg.

After you have put on the tights completely, make sure that the pattern on your leg is located in the same way as in the photo. The tights have a tight footprint that should end at the heel.

Checking the correct stretch in height: It is better to choose the knee and ankle as a guideline. Comparing with the photo on the website, make sure that you have correctly stretched the drawing in height, and it starts and ends, relative to the ankle and knee, as in the photo.
If the image has shifted, for example, from the calf to the side of the leg, then correct it as in the photo.
If at the first putting on the image is located in a very different way, then it is better to remove and put on the tights again.
We cannot fully account for all variations in leg proportions, so you may need to adjust the position of the tattoo to your liking.


If in your opinion the tattoo looks too wide or narrow, then you can, for example, make the image lower in height, visually this "stretches" the pattern in width.
You can also move the tattoo on the leg a little left / right, down / up, moving it. Note that when you move one edge, you move the second edge, otherwise the pattern will twist or stretch.
Washing advice:
Do not machine wash in washing machines!
Recommended only hand wash at 30C. Separated from other things.
Use detergent or soap.
The use of bleaches is prohibited.

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Полиамид 88%, Эластан 12%
20 DEN
MULTICOLOR (разноцветный)

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